Category: Weird History

Death in Apartment 85: The Kramatorsk Radiological Accident

After the recent fiasco in Western Australia involving a missing -and now found- eight millimetre radioactive capsule containing Caesium-137, I couldn’t help but wonder if something like this has happened before. Because history does enjoy repeating itself and we often don’t learn from our mistakes. And lo’ and behold, it has happened before… more times than I’m personally comfortable with...

Zeitpyramide: A Conceptual Representation of our Perception of Time

Thinking about the concept of ‘time’ and our insignificance in the grand scheme of human history can be both daunting and depressing. Even understanding our complex perception of time is entire field of study within psychology, cognitive linguistics, and neuroscience. So in what ways could your average person understand the passage of time, or begin to perceive future events far outside of one’s own lifetime?

The Chaotic Life of Saint Christina the Astonishing: Levitator, Tomb Dweller, Icon

Christina the Astonishing lived her life in what appeared to be constant, unapologetic chaos. Was she chosen by God? Clinically insane? Deeply eccentric? Possessed by a demon? No one knew what to make of her 900 years ago, and there’s certainly no point trying to make sense of her today. Because as her story shows, she wasn’t called Christina the Astonishing for nothing.