What is Curious Archive?

Curious Archive is a continuously updated guide to strange, paranormal, and unique locations and histories around the British Isles. As a Canadian living in England, I’ve enjoyed learning about the weirder side of British history through (pre-Covid) travel and late night internet rabbit holes. Through Curious Archive I hope to share the dark, offbeat, and paranormal histories of the United Kingdom and Crown Dependencies to anyone else who enjoys strange history and ghost stories.

Articles on Curious Archive have been thoroughly researched and sources are provided at the bottom of each post. If any information is incorrect, please feel free to contact me with a source so I can make amendments. To avoid out of date visiting information, opening times and admission costs will not be included in articles. However, links to websites that do contain this information will be shared, if relevant.

Photographs I have personally taken are noted as such in their caption. Any other photograph or artwork I use will always be attributed to the original source.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy!

Ashley, Curious Archive

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