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Welcome to Curious Wiki. For the foreseeable future, this new addition to Curious Archive will be a fairly monumental work in progress. But I wanted to share my goals for what will hopefully become a useful database for anyone that enjoys the content on the main website.

Curious Wiki will have four main categories: Esoteric Interests, Mysterious Organisations, Unusual People, and Other-worldly Places. Within each of these categories will be wiki pages containing more general information about the types of content I usually write. I’m especially excited about the ‘Unusual People’ entries since there are an incredible amount of people throughout history that were involved in ‘fringe’ pursuits, but are remembered for their more mainstream accomplishments.

I am a one woman show so this, like Curious Archive, is a passion project that will take some time to develop. Please look forward to what I hope will one day be a useful resource for the high strange community!

Ashley, Curious Archive


Ashley is a history lover, paranormal enthusiast, and easily swayed sceptic with a BA and MA in the History of Art. Originally from Canada, Ashley lives on England's Isle of Wight (one of the most haunted islands in the world!) and enjoys internet deep dives into peculiar histories from around our weird and wonderful planet.