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The ‘2006 Volleyball Incident’ or, the Mysterious School Shooting that Never Happened

Is it possible for a school shooting to be so underreported that there’s no record of it ever occurring? Are there so many school shootings every year that a particularly brutal one somehow managed to slip through the cracks? Let’s take a deep dive into a very niche and bizarre internet conspiracy referred to as the ‘2006 Volleyball Incident’ or, the school shooting that never happened.

The Tombstone Thunderbird Photograph and the Mandela Effect

The Mandela Effect: false memories shared by multiple people, often complete strangers. Paranormal researcher Fiona Broome coined the term in 2010 after recording her own false memory of South African President Nelson Mandela. According to Broome, she had a distinct memory of Mandela dying in prison during the 1980s – she even remembered watching the funeral broadcasted on international television....